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Designs that reflect you

Biophilia design collective connects people to their environment. Careful consultation with our clients ensures everything we do is an organic reflection of your individuality. Educated in sustainable design, ecological landscape design and LEED accredited, we understand existing ecosystems and work with them to fulfil the desires of our clients. Working closely with a network of local artisans, Biophilia practices local and ethical resourcing. The end goal of this practice is for clients to receive the best quality results, while knowing that careful attention has been given to the environment and the local economy every step of the way.

Our Work

Our creations are utterly unique, built with the attention to detail and quality that defines us. From small residential projects to large commercial installations, Biophilia Design Collective has the skill and experience to bring your space to life. We believe that cultivating relationships with the environment and community is fundamental, and our team is actively involved in the community as educators in sustainable design. Our aesthetic is inspired by the materials and raw beauty of the West Coast, and is also influenced by the cultures, art and architecture we have encountered around the world.

Our Team

Our creative team thrives on the desire to design unique and soulful art that is respectful to the environment and nurtures the connection people feel towards the natural world. Biophilia has a passion for nature, and for creating spaces that are healthy, vital and evocative. Our dedication to community and sustainability is consistent in every piece and project we create. Biophilia has ongoing involvement with local not-for-profits and community-run organizations. The majority of the materials we use are reclaimed and re-purposed, bringing new life from old forms and resulting in pieces that are both original and full of history

Bianca Bodley - Landscape Designer

Bianca Bodley

Owner and principle designer, Bianca has extensive experience designing and project managing residential and commercial installations including landscapes, living walls, green roofs, furniture and plant art. Biophilia’s service is driven by Bianca’s values of open communication and understanding; sustainable materials and construction; and respect for budgets, timelines, and efficiency. As an outdoor enthusiast, surfer, traveler, and a student of art and architecture, Bianca’s approach results in work that is unique and inspired.

Lindsay Mitchell - Metal Work

Lindsay Mitchell

A ticketed welder and creative carpenter, Lindsay has mastered her trade in both Montréal and Victoria over the past 10 years. She is a talented designer and builder with all types of metal—including stainless, aluminum and steel. Whether it’s a living wall, a gate, water feature or furniture, her creations are unique and built with the detail and quality that defines her work.

View the CUSTOM BUILT Page for examples of Lindsay’s furnishings.