Hardware choice contributes to the aesthetic of a space as much as flooring, lighting and paint. We create pieces with character and personality as a meaningful alternative to disposable, big-box furnishings.

Biophilia creates custom pieces to suit the needs of the commercial or residential space, including custom shelving, display tables and outdoor furnishings. Lasting pieces built with a consciousness toward space and utility with an accessible price point.

Lindsay combines unique hardwood, soft wood and live edge with metals like stainless steel, copper, aluminum and brass. Finishing options include paint, powder coating, oil and sandblasting.

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What we do

When Biophilia’s founder, Lindsay Mitchell, expressed her desire to study metal work, she received great encouragement from her grandfather, a veteran metal worker in the smelter town of Trail, BC.

Lindsay went on to hone her skills welding and fabricating precision parts for breweries, ships and aircraft until following her dream of designing unique furnishings from the raw materials of her trade.

Biophilia’s custom furniture line pays homage to his practicality and enduring creative spirit.


Wood + Metal Furniture



Yew Wood + Steel



Live Edge Yellow Cedar + Aluminum


Chopping Block

Black Locust Wood + Steel


Coffee Table

Live Edge Douglas Fir + Steel