Sun Vista Heights

Landscape design connecting the interior and exterior spaces.

Sun Vista Heights

Built in spring of 2012 for a family seeking a low-maintenance garden to complement the surrounding beauty of their property—a backdrop of sheer rock and a forest of Garry Oak, Douglas Fir and Arbutus. We teamed up with Citizen Design Build, who renovated the interior and created a modern concrete terrace to extend the living room and bedroom space into the garden.

Since the family would be spending most of their time together in the garden in the late afternoon and evening, the design was inspired by a warm colour palette, reminiscent of sunsets or autumn leaves: oranges, reds and soft yellows, offset with cool blue tones, to complement the ocean views of the Juan de Fuca Strait.

A gas fire place was built from indigenous rock so the family can continue to enjoy the spectacular views in their outdoor space even when the seasons cool.

A cascading natural stair case built from basalt boulders is woven between garden beds to connect the upper and lower landscape.

The plant palette consists of two large Japanese maple trees and a massing of grasses and drought tolerant shrubs to soften the greens and dark blues of the back drop and to create movement and flow across the property.