Outdoor Rooms with a View

Outdoor Rooms with a View

“This gorgeous oceanfront property has panoramic views but a previous sunken patio left them primarily obstructed. We wanted to create distinct outdoor spaces that could be experienced throughout the day. The challenge was to make these spaces comfortable in all seasons without blocking the sight lines of the house.”

This recently renovated oceanfront home was fitted with large windows and glass doors to let in the breathtaking views of the ocean. Our goal was to create a seamless transition from the interior of the home to the exterior that would allow the couple to enjoy unique outdoor spaces throughout the year.

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We studied the property’s sun and wind exposure throughout the day to inform our design plan. Truckloads of earth and massive boulders were machine-placed to create five distinctive patio arrangements with minimal grade change to the property.

Each of these patio spaces are connected by natural stone and flagstone pavers that compliment the blue greens of the ocean while providing a durable and non-slip surface. Where grade changes were necessary we softened the transition with plantings and generous stairway approaches.

A large mortar and stone gas fireplace was constructed on the patio nearest to the house to provide ambiance and warmth on cooler evenings. Existing mature rhododendrons and several trees that had initially attracted the couple to the property were featured with up-lighting for enjoyment in the evening hours.