Oceanfront Modern Home

We kept the majority of the landscape permeable to respect this sensitive environment. Native grasses, succulents and a swamp variety of maple tree were planted along with an abundance of flowering plants to encourage the bird and bee populations of the neighbouring estuary. Discrete drip line irrigation was installed to support the initial growth of the plants until they’re ready to survive on their own.

A raised patio offers an interesting visual feature within the backyard space. The platform mirrors the footprint of the house and rises out of the gravel to reveal a 7-inch metal accent.

The fencing was constructed from raw steel attached to square pipes set into concrete. Each of the fencing panels were welded onsite. This type of square mesh fencing doesn’t obstruct the surrounding view but keeps the dogs in. Where privacy was called for, we planted bamboo against the fencing to create a more discrete space.

The gates are made from galvanized metal to match the galvanized siding of the house. We included a recycling area return which was also constructed from galvanized metal to keep this otherwise exposed area out of sight.

“This modern ocean front property neighbours a sensitive wildlife area. The challenge was to create a landscape consistent with a modern aesthetic, that could tolerate summer drought and winter salt water flooding as well as the daily activities of two high energy dogs.”