We are passionate about creating environments that are sustainable. As designers and landscape professionals, we seamlessly integrate built structures with the natural environment to complement and enhance existing architecture. Our landscape design and build team can incorporate plant design, lighting, hardscape, water features and built structures into your unique space.
Immersive, cohesive, complementary: Biophilia designs landscapes that work with your unique ecosystem and provide benefits beyond aesthetic beauty. Our thoughtful and creative landscape design can:

  • reduce storm water run-off, filter and re-use on-site water
  • create important habitat for birds and insects
  • produce food for the property owner and/or the community
  • create a space that reflects you and your lifesyle

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  • Sydney-Landscape-Slide-10
  • Landscape Design Build Victoria BC
  • Landscape Design in Victoria BC


Repurposing materials while respecting their past, Biophilia gives seasoned objects new life. The majority of the materials we use are reclaimed and re-purposed, resulting in pieces that are fresh and soulful.

Furnishing interior and exterior spaces, we take inspiration from the material we use, whether new and sustainably acquired or reclaimed material seeking new purpose. We design and build our furniture drawing both from our inspiration, and from the desires and styles of our clients.

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  • sovran reclaimed yew wood and steel coffee table
  • sovran reclaimed wood and welded steel bar table
  • sovran live edge douglas fir and welded steel coffee table
  • sovran live edge yellow cedar and aluminum shelf
  • sovran reclaimed wood tables

Living Art

Found objects come alive, using plants to enhance their existing beauty. We incorporate plants ranging from tropical to native, specializing in succulents and tillandsias, or air plants. The vessels that we use are composed of metal, wood and glass.

Whether your living art is a small residential accent or a commercial living wall, Biophilia recognizes your investment in keeping your piece healthy. Since our creations are alive, we carefully consider your specific lighting, water and maintenance requirements to ensure that the living art is a perfect fit for your space and lifestyle.

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Garden Features

Functional or fanciful, Biophilia combines high quality materials with inspired design to create pieces that are unique to you and your space.

We source our new materials locally, from sustainable sources and, wherever possible, we incorporate reclaimed materials into our designs. Utilizing wood, metal, concrete and stone, Biophilia is passionate about constructing unique and bespoke garden pieces for any space.