We design spaces that help people thrive

The Biophilia team is focused on bringing nature into peoples lives in all environments. We believe that nature and specifically plants, natural light and fresh air make humans happier. It is with this belief that we begin our design process, creating spaces that connect people with nature and enabling them to heal and thrive.

We have succeeded if our designs draw people to spend time with nature; whether it is in a pubic park or an intimate residential courtyard, the space should engage *pause* and inspire *deep breath*.

Bianca Bodley Owner and principle designer

Owner and Principal Designer at Biophilia, Bianca Bodley has 13 years experience designing and project managing residential and commercial installations in Victoria, Vancouver and the Gulf Islands. Her project portfolio includes public and residential landscapes, interior atriums, living walls and green roofs. Biophilia’s service is driven by Bianca’s values of open communication and understanding; innovation and sustainability. Whether it is a public space or an intimate interior atrium, each project has the opportunity to be a sanctuary for people to connect with their natural world, and this is what drives Bianca’s work. That vision is what drives her to explore and innovate, and to continue finding new ways to connect to nature as we design and build our environments. Bianca and her team take on projects as if it were their own and look to find efficiencies in team work and collaboration with the community of builders that we have fostered long standing relationships with.

Lindsay MitchellDesigner, Builder and Ticketed Welder

As a furniture maker and a ticketed welder, Lindsay brings a unique skill set to our team. Her unwavering attention to detail and her drive to create beautiful solutions makes her work truly unique. Pigeonhole home store, SALT, Little Gold and Migration are a few of the local stores she has worked with to build custom shelving and display units.

She collaborates with builders and interior designers to create stunning architectural pieces for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. In our landscape designs Lindsay brings the ability to design and fabricate custom water features, gates, fencing, pergolas and bespoke art pieces.

Katie Nikota, MLALandscape Designer

Katie Nikota has a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph. After achieving a Diploma in Landscape Design and a degree in Integrated Land Planning (ILP) she spent numerous years working for the City of Toronto as a Landscape Technician for the Parks Department Landscape Architects. Katie’s interests lie in the preservation and conservation of natural habitats, and her designs are driven by her focus on urban strategies that move beyond “sustainability” into “regeneration.” Living a well-balanced lifestyle of traveling, hiking, SUP, running and deep appreciation for nature it was a natural fit for her to join Biophilia’s team.


Our creative team thrives on the desire to design unique and soulful art that is respectful to the environment and nurtures the connection people feel towards the natural world.

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